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The National Abandoned Infants Assistance Resource Center has created multiple interactive online tutorials that provide an introductory level understanding of the following topics:

Supporting Children

Supporting Children of Parents with Co-occurring Mental Illness and Substance Use (63 minutes) provides participants with a clear understanding of the risks associated with being the child of a parent with co-occurring substance use and mental illness; a developmental lens through which participants can understand how growing up in such an environment might affect and challenge typical growth and development; and clinical suggestions of trauma-informed services and practices shown to increase protective factors in these high-risk families to promote child well-being.


Home Visiting

Home Visiting with Families Affected by Substance Abuse and/or HIV (57 minutes) provides an introduction to the field of home visiting for those working with families facing these unique challenges. Viewers will acquire knowledge of the basic components of home visiting, such as scheduling visits, developing rapport, modeling skills, educating families, and being mindful of cultural differences. Practical safety precautions and avenues for professional growth are also addressed.


Women & Children with HIV/AIDS

This tutorial on Women and Children with HIV/AIDS (69 minutes) is designed as an introduction to the complex issues associated with HIV/AIDS among women and children in the United States. It is intended to provide participants with a better understanding of the prevalence, nature and impact of HIV/AIDS among women and children and discuss treatment and intervention for this population. It examines HIV/AIDS in a medical, psychosocial, parenting and legal context. The tutorial also reviews various federal programs to support women, families and children affected by HIV/AIDS.


Substance Use & Pregnancy

This tutorial on Substance Use During Pregnancy (54 minutes) provides an overview of the prevalence and nature of substance use among pregnant women in the United States, including the various factors that often contribute to substance abuse. It reviews the potential impact of prenatal exposure to various legal and illegal drugs on infant development and well-being. The tutorial also examines interventions for the prevention and treatment of drug use during pregnancy, from identification and education to individual and family based services. Interventions proven to promote the safety and well-being of affected newborns, such as family treatment drug courts and  father involvement are also featured. Finally it explores relevant federal and state policies.