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Parenting With HIV and Co-Occurring Disorders: Findings from a Focus Group

This report from a focus group of seven professionals working in the field explores the parenting challenges that parents with HIV and co-occurring disorders experience, the subsequent challenges to social service organizations working with this clientele, and intervention strategies that help to strengthen parenting capacity among this population.

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Parenting With Substance Abuse and Mental Illness: Findings from a Focus Group

This report explores the nature and prevalence of mental illness among substance using parents, parenting challenges that arise as a result of co-occurring disorders, and effective interventions to support parenting in these families.

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Expediting Permanency for Abandoned Infants: Guidelines for State Policies and Procedures
Updated 2007

This monograph reviews state laws regarding abandoned infants; suggests legal and practice standards regarding abandoned infants defines permanency and suggests ways to incorporate this definition into state law and practice; and identifies best practices in expediting permanency for infants who are abandoned or at risk of abandonment.

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Assessing and Supporting Parenting in Families Affected by Substance Abuse or HIV

Based on lessons learned from AIA projects throughout the country, this guidebook provides practitioners and administrators with guidance in assessing, supporting, and strengthening parenting skills and parent-child relationships among families affected by substance abuse and/or HIV. This guide identifies the parenting challenges facing this population, and provides tips on building relationships with clients, assessing parenting skills and parent-child relationships, parenting intervention strategies, safety planning, staffing, and working with child protective services. Throughout the document, parent quotes, and program examples illustrate the key points. Finally, an annotated list of assessment tools and parenting curricula used by AIA projects is included.

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Guide to Future Care and Custody Planning for Children with Recommendations for State Legislation
September 2005

Parents facing illness, or other events that alter family stability, must make choices about the future care of their children. This monograph examines a variety of approaches to voluntary permanency planning, including innovative tools (e.g., standby guardianship and standby adoption), and offers specific recommendations to advance the development and implementation of these planning tools. Legislators and service providers who want to improve future care and custody planning options for children will find this document to be an essential resource.

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From the Child’s Perspective: A Qualitative Analysis of Kinship Care Placements
March 2005

This study was designed to provide a qualitative analysis of children in kinship care. An attempt was made to record the knowledge, feelings, and understandings of youth to create a description of their experience. This report is a summary of this research and a preliminary review of the data collected. It is hoped that the child and family-centered focus of this study will be useful in informing policy and practice in the area of kinship care.

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Discarded Infants and Neonaticide: A Review of the Literature
September 2004

To better understand the problem of women who kill and/or discard their newborn infants, this document reviews the existing scholarly literature to provide a description of the life circumstances of mothers who discard their infants, including demographics, emotional characteristics, and mental health. This paper also reviews a number of possible interventions to address this social problem.

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AIA Best Practices: Lessons Learned from a Decade of Service to Children and Families Affected by HIV and Substance Abuse

The intent of this volume is to support the application of the lessons learned from the first decade of experiences and cross-site evaluations of the AIA program to policy development and program planning for drug and HIV/AIDS affected infants and children vulnerable for abandonment and their families. In the process, the reader will become familiar with the broad scope of the innovative, national efforts to achieve permanence for children and will hear from the families who benefited.

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Partners’ Influence on Women’s Addiction and Recovery: The Connection Between Substance Abuse, Trauma, and Intimate Relationships

The purpose of the monograph is to: provide a better understanding of the role that intimate partners play in women’s recovery from substance abuse, explore strategies for helping women to assess their past and present intimate relationships in the context of their addiction, present strategies for safely engaging partners in women’s recovery.

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