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In addition to the Resource Center, the following direct service programs receive funding from the Children’s Bureau under the AIA Act:

Better Together, Omaha, NE
Collaborative, Integrated and Trauma-informed Services for Urban American Indian/Alaska Native Children Impacted by Parental Substance Abuse, Denver, CO
Early Support for Lifelong Success Plus, New York, NY
Families First, San Diego, CA
Families Growing Together, Providence, RI
Family 2 Matters, Baltimore, MD
Family Connections/Conexiones de la Familia, New York, NY
Family Link Plus, San Rafael, CA
Family Options IV, Chicago, IL
Great Starts, Knoxville, TN
Healthy Children Strong Families, Pomona, CA
Mission Inn, Grand Rapids, MI
Practicing Safety Mindfulness Project for Mothers in Drug Treatment, Philadelphia, PA
Project PATH, Denver, CO
RESPECT – Plus, Boston, MA
STABLE Families, Washington, DC
Strengthening Families in Delaware, Wilmington, DE
Substance Abuse Family Evaluation, Recovery and Screening Project, Hartford, CT
Substance Affected Families in Recovery, Milwaukee, WI
TIES, Kansas City, MO