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In 1996, the National AIA Resource Center began collecting cross-site research data from the AIA projects. Since 2002, the Resource Center has contracted with the University of Missouri-Kansas City, Institute for Human Development (UMKC-IHD) to oversee the cross-site evaluation. An annual report describes the evaluation findings, including participant demographic characteristics, services provided, completion rates, co-occurrence of risk factors, interventions and some outcomes for the program as a whole and for several subgroups of participants.

Overall Findings from the Cross-site Evaluation

Although AIA projects vary in length and duration of services provided, the following outcomes reflect overall changes during a participant’s enrollment in an AIA-funded project in FY 2008. By the time of a second assessment, participants who successfully completed an AIA program were significantly more likely to have a child living with the biological parent, to live in a house or apartment, to have cash income, to access WIC benefits, to have no active child protective service involvement and to have no current drug/alcohol use (compared to those who did not successfully complete the AIA program).

The AIA cross-site findings provide some insight into the types of services that are important in improving the safety, permanency and well-being of children affected by parental substance abuse or HIV. The individual evaluations of each AIA project shed more light on specific interventions and services for families in particular communities.

AIA FY 2012 Cross-Site Evaluation Summary [PDF]

Accessing child developmental services predicts in-home placement of substance- and HIV-affected children
Warren A. Reich, Kathryn L. Fuger
Children and Youth Services Review, Volume 34, Issue 12, December 2012

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